Jan Printz 5.1 surround mix:




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Free downloads:

emphasis 5.1 surround downmix 2012  (from 14:33 to 3:30) :

emphasis 5.1 downmix  - 109 mb wav multichannel-file

emphasis 5.1 downmix_flac -  48 mb flac multichannel-file

emphasis 5.1 downmix_Dolbu Digital -  12 mb ac3 multichannel-file

Video Teaser with 5.1 sound:

metastasia_emphasis_51 - 268 mb mp4

Full album 5.1 surround mix:

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Free download of 3 Oceanology numbers (from the One Take Sessions)

Emersion - flac or dolby digital

Object Subsides - flac or dolby digital

Superfluent Surface - flac or dolby digital



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Nexus Six

La Grange Point Stereo & 5.1 mix


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Jamsession prelude ( mp3 or flac or 5.1 surround mix)

JamsessionNo1  (mp3 or flac or 5.1 surround mix)

JamsessionNo2  (mp3 or flac or 5.1 surround mix)

JamsessionNo3  (mp3 or flac or 5.1) with F. Kjr on iPad & T. Anker on iPhone

JamsessionNo4  (mp3 or flac or 5.1) with T. Anker on iPhone

JamsessionNo5  (mp3 or flac or 5.1) with T. Anker on iPhone

Basement Below  stereo & 5.1 mix (2014)

Basement Below

I'm a Believer   -   On Youtube

Free downloads     (all playable in for example vlc)

video with 5.1 surroundsound (mp4)

5.1 surroundsound audio (24 bit flac)

5.1 surroundsound audio (ac3 dolbi digital)

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