Printz Music

     It requires:

1. Each number are available track by track digital preferably as 48 kHz 24 bit or better.

2. If Cubase 6 are used the instrument-files can be directly used. Otherwise stems/each track shall be exported separately as mono or stereo from the same time/place with all the plugins as eq, compressor but best witout reverb/delay. Reverb / delay exported separately will give the best 5.1 mix! Modulation as chorus / flanger on percussive instruments may also be omitted and instead provide information on how much and how to be added; So it will be made in surround and gives a better 5.1 mix. Instruments without attack can fine be exported with chorus!

3. Drum Tracks can be exported as stereo, but the more splited up they are, the better the 5.1 mix (toms is very good to have for themselves and the kick too. Snare would also be nice separately)

4. This will give a sound close to the sound of the CD but will sounds twice as good in 96kHz 24 bit surround sound!

5. We could share an online directory (like dropbox or the like) or we can meet in Copenhagen with a usb/hard drive with the tracks or send as a package. Best is it if each number have a folder with a name containing tempo (BPM).


     Along the way:

Choose from Quadrofoni (4.0), 4.1, 5.1 or 7.1 as the desired mix (5.1 is most common)

If desired, there can be made a contract that the tracks and the instrument files will not be shared or publicly in any way, but of course it wouldn’t in any case!!!

You can visit Printz Music in Hvidovre (Copenhagen) and hear the first few numbers in surround or receive Multichannel flac/ac3 in the shared folder or mail so that you can listen to it and evaluate.


     What are returned:

Multichannel flac or wav of each number or as a single file of the entire album in the quality that the tracks came in. 

Optionally, making a DVD / ISO file as an AVCHD - DVD in 96-24 or 48-24 for playback on bluray players . (Pt. May not be offered DVD with menu). This may be for sale on your website or minutes if desired. Is your album is released through a record company, you should make an agreement about how it can be put up for sale.

If you against all odds don't like the 5.1 mix, I'll adjust it as required. Still problems? Then you got the stems ready for other surroundmixers for your taste!;)


     About Jan Printz:

Have worked with surround sound mix since 2011.

Longing for a world where money is given less value, but which gives more value on cooperation and better quality (especially for sound quality!;)

Grew up in the countryside and therefore, since the age of 10 spent much time listen to and analyze bands with great sound, like Pink Floyd, Marilion/Fish, Mike Oldfield, ELP, Yes, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Camel, Manfred Mann, Supertramp and later Porcupine Tree, O.S.I., Opeth, Pain of Salvation etc. Got the first big stereo as 15 years old. Good sound has always been in high demand and surround sound systems were procured in 2000. Since then is bought over 100 DVD / Blu-ray with surround sound. Began to create surround mix on System Audio speakers in 2011 after having helped to record, mix and produce CD of musical concerts and own bands and projects. Have after that followed Steve Wilson, Andy Jackson, James Guthrie & Jakko Jakszyk work to create magnificent surround mix and is very inspired by it.


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