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It's likely there soon will come a huge revolution in the way listening to music and most artists will release their music in high resolution and also i 5.1 surround sound!

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3 things needs to happen:

1. Some of the superstars who respect their own music need to insist releasing there music in the best way (stereo AND surround sound in high resolution)

2. Some have to program an App for phones / tablets / computers witch can send multichannel sound to multiple wireless speakers (WiFi will probably work  better than Blutooth)

The app shall be able to find out how many wireless speakers people have. If they got 5 and one sub then 5.1 music can be transmitted. If they got 4 speakers the music will be converted to quad, If they got 3 the music will be converted to a stereo front and a mono rear, If they got 2 then 5.1 music will be converted to stereo sound.  Upmix of stereo music to quad or 5.1 can also be added.

3. There has to come more 5.1 streaming sites. Printz Music will start and other should follow!

If it happens the world needs more surround producers; Printzmusic is ready to give a hand!!

We're moving the right direction allready:

The development of annual surround sound releases 


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