(greek) = relocation, transformation, change

download the stereo mix from: MUSICZEIT


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stereo/surround mix from this site:

Multichannel flac: 10 euro

Multichannel Dolby Digital: 9 euro

Login to PayPal & send 9 or 10 euro to the mailadress: odyssey@janprintz.dk

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Payment over Paypal:

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Free downloads:

emphasis 5.1 surround downmix 2012  (from 14:33 to 3:30) :

emphasis 5.1 downmix  - 109 mb wav multichannel-file

emphasis 5.1 downmix_flac -  48 mb flac multichannel-file

emphasis 5.1 downmix_Dolbu Digital -  12 mb ac3 multichannel-file

Video Teaser with 5.1 sound:

metastasia_emphasis_51 - 268 mb mp4

Playable on newer surround receivers with HDMI inputs


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