second session


the first session was recorded 18-19 may 96 at dronninglund college

guitarjam 11min 51sec *
x-files 17min 37sec
tarkus 7min 57 sec *
tarkus 7min 59sec *
boggy land 12min 13sec *
wonderfull 5min 4sec *
arabian ambient funk 17min 25sec
a tribute to doris d 29min 24sec
tarkus 9min 15sec *
tarkus 8min 23sec
poesy 9min 22sec
wonderful 11min 42sec
guitarjam (part i) 15min 9sec
guitarjam (part ii) 8min 15sec

* unreleased



80486 computer with creative sound blaster awe-32 audio interface, roland rap-10 audio interface & vienna sf studio v1 audio editing software
akg 452eb condenser microphone
akg ce8 condenser microphone
alesis 3630 compressor limiter
alesis microverb iii effect processor
alesis midiverb iii effect processor
arp odyssey mk-iii analog synthesizer
arp pro-soloist mk-ii analog keyboard
art proverb 200 effect processor
boss bx-80 8-channel line-mixer
boss od-2 overdrive pedal
crown condenser microphone
cry-baby wah-wah pedal
darabouka pakistanian drum
dynacord eq-2215 equalizer
electro-voice mc-150 dynamic microphone
electro-voice n/d 457a dynamic microphone
electro-voice pl-80 dynamic microphone
epiphone fl-60 flanger pedal
epiphone 6-string electric guitar
eurochannel monitor system
fender performer 1000 guitar amplifier
george dennis wah-wah pedal
hammond l-100s organ with leslie 760 pro amplifier
korg a5 guitar effect board
premier snare
rhythm tech eggz
rhodes mk-ii stage piano
roland bn-60 bass amplifier
roland jv-30 digital keyboard
roland u-220 digital sound module
sabian hi-hat
sabian splash cymbal
santana 1575 spanish guitar
shure beta 57 dynamic microphone
shure sm-58 dynamic microphone
sonor kick
sonor toms
sony 60es digital audio tape deck
sony mdr cd250 head phones
total audio concepts tac 32/8/2 32-channel mic/line-mixer
vesta fire rv2 spring reverb
vision 5-string electric bass
yamaha dx-7 digital synthesizer
yamaha cp-20 electric piano
yamaha g2 grand piano
zildjian earth ride cymbal
zildjian light ride cymbal
zildjian thin crash cymbal


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