The Return of the Printz

This name refers to the title of a track composed by my great friend and cousin Claus. This album is dedicated to him.
We began to worship music back in the middle ninety seventies and indeed fell in love with symphonic kind espesially. This record is a tribute to all kinds of music containing spirit (it’s not right to the say Soul here...) and a sense of humour. The first track is and example of this.
This album contains a lot of songs I’ve made during the last 2½ decade. Music from the seventies had inspired the production of the tracks, as you will surely notice.
Music is great! Live long and prosper!


01 All Right (download the mp3 file)
My all time Hammer Start; The midi-file from 1996 won second price in a Roland Sound Canvas Midi Contest! …well … 8 of us shared second price, but still… Here it is again almost without the midi (only some part of the piano remains) and remade with 24 bit audio recordings.

02 Intermezzo 1 (Positive Feedback)
A foretaste of a track from the past, which will be re-released in the future.

03 Better Than That
One of my favorite songs I wrote as a member of the great rock band Balrog (formerly known as Bad Breath Band). That was the time!
Here in a version with Jesper on his great Hammond Organ. Thanks for the solo and accords! Also thanks to Miriam for the lovely vocals!

04 Intermezzo 2 (Odysseus)
A Tribute to Lukas-Ex and Jesper and the time with Odyssey.

05 Don’t Regret
Lyrics is by Søren H. Sørensen, who was the great drummer of my first band: Tonite Only. It was a wild and funny time at Rasmus Rask student hostel!

06 Intermezzo 3 (Filtered)
A little bit of percussion loops made on my Handsonic Module.

07 Go On
The tribute to all my friends! Once again with some nice Hammond!

08 Intermezzo 4 (Bonang)
A small Handsonic tune.

09 Make Up (download a part)
Another track from the Balrog times… Lyrics by drummer Jacob Tholle, who also was the founder of the great amateur-festival Sydfyns Festival where we played twice: in 1991 and 1992. Thanks to Steffan Alber (the great lead guitarist in Balrog) for the inspiration for the guitar solo and to Martin for playing it here. Thanks to Miriam for the vocals and Thomas for the brilliant bass and voice!

10 Intermezzo 5 (Flowbass)
Another foretaste of a track from the past, which will be released in the future.

11 Inside Out
Well… I will say that Pink Floyd is the top band in (my) world. So here is a tribute track! ELP is also one of my favorit bands and this track has a keyboard solo by Jesper in the spirit of ELP. Thanks boys!

12 Intermezzo 6 (Ring World)
Another foretaste of a track from the past, which will be released in the future. Yes … music can be fun(ny)!

13 Mountain Man
The track was made after one of the best vacations I ever hadin the Alps. This version gains its spirit from the lead vocals by Thomas and the hammond organ by Jesper and electric guitar solos by Martin! Thanks boys!

14 Intermezzo 7 (Viofunk)
Another foretaste of a track from the past, which will be released in the future.

15 Fatale Timing
Well… Math can kill! A miscalculation was one of the factors that took away my great friend and cousin. This track was a direct result of that. Life can be brutal!
Thanks to Jesper for the well done Hammond!

16 Old Man
My only official music education is one year of flamenco guitar only (as you may already have guessed). Well - I couldn't make it so far without my friend and brilliant Spanish guitar player Jon Gitz Johansen who taught me a LOT! - thanks mate! This number is a tribute to the great Spanish music. Thanks to Jesper for the marvellous Fender Rhodes and to Miriam for the vocals!

17 Intermezzo 8 (Back to Business)
A tribute to adventure and Sci-Fi movies!

18 Old Desire
Well my great-uncle Gutten Back also taught me some guitar tricks. Thanks to you!

19 Anna
My love song for the one and only! Love you!

20 Gimme Some Loving
This track is an original of Winwood, Winwood & Davis. This version I have arranged for choir with a little help from Gitte Jensen.

21 Outro (The Evening Garden in Hvidovre)
A live recording from the backyard of my castle!

Thanks to:
Jesper Pedersen, Thomas Hauberg, Miriam Wanner, Martin Rosenkilde Buus Pedersen, Lukas-ex, Søren H. Sørensen, Jacob Tholle, Gitte Jensen, Carl Jørgen Nielsen, Maj Brit Christiansen and my mother for forcing me to take piano lessons when I was a child. (I came there twice!) (Notice the first solo on the record: A piano solo!) & especially: Anna.

Produced by Jan Printz. All songs by Jan Printz except where noticed. Recorded 1996 - 2003.