Jan Printz
born: may 5th, 1966

Jan first heard Pink Floyd back in 1975 and was devoted to them 4 years before he realized that it was P.F.! After that, music was one of the most important thing in his life.
Played the drums in college and began playing guitar after college in 1985. Started an acoustic guitar duo in 1986 with Jon Gitz Johansen and made some home recordings and small concerts. Was the founder of the student hostile band Tonite Only in 1987 and joint the Bad Breath Band (later named as: Balrog) in 1989 still playing the guitar.

Musical influences: Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, ELP, The Alan Parsons Project, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, Queen, Doors, Jean Michel Jarre, Dream Theater.
Other projects: Odyssey, Nexus Six, The Blue Covers.




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